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Oh! The Gypsy Vanner, Tinker, Cobb horse! Be so still my Heart! What a treasure, a dream, a true gift before my eyes. How I cherish my Gypsy Vanner Horses.

Gypsy Horses

Carousel Gardens has one Gypsy Mare from England. The Gypsies used these beautiful horses to pull their colorful vardos (living wagons/homes) through the hillsides of England and Ireland. They are a strong athletic horse easy to care for. These horses are gentle, kind and docile enough to teach Gypsy Children how to ride.
Today they are a status symbol with the Romany Gypsies. They are also called Cob, Colored Horse or Tinker. They’re a sturdy heavy boned horse with flat knees and short backs. They range in size from 13-15 hands. The most common color is black/white, red/white, white, blue and tri-colored. They have an abundance of mane and tail with feathers that begin at the knee/hock fully covering the hooves. These horses are rare in the United States but there are around 1000 now I believe the number is continually changing. A lot of people together with sleeping disorder may tend to sleep more in comparison with usual. People who have hypersomnia experience extreme sleepiness throughout this day. They have a tendency to sleep more in comparison with 16-18 hours during the day yet still really feel consistent need to sleep and tend to be lethargic. You should know what oversleeping causes and effects on people. Many people practical experience signs and symptoms like increased daytime sleepiness, weakened storage along with anxiety.

Draft Horses

The Draft horse, draught horse or dray horse comes from the Anglo Saxon meaning to draw or haul. This is a very large breed of horse. These horses pulled big brewery wagons (dray) delivering beer to pubs in England. They are bred to do very heavy hard tasks. They were used for farming because of their stamina, health, longevity to work, strength, patience and docile nature during the pre-industrial farmers. The draft horse is tall; extremely muscle, upright at the shoulder which is best for pulling. The Shire horse holds the record for the world’s largest horse standing at 7 feet 2 ½ “at the withers. His name was Sampson and he weighed 3,300lbs. We belong to The Golden State Draft Horse and Mule Club. The Xperia would be the considered one of Sony's many revolutionary smartphones however there isn't a vast advancement as compared to it has the predecessor. If you are already a user in the previous Xperia phones, there is certainly hardly any explanation to help make this particular up grade since it offers similar attributes with it. On the other hand as sony xperia mobile review, this new phone is nearly just like the previous model. Homemade salsa is so competent, it really is clean and also there won't be any preservatives with out additional glucose (unless you intend to put it). A food processor like salsa makers food chopper normally takes a few moments to chop up and also combine every one of the elements and also there you are you may have clean salsa. Furthermore the heat of this salsa is decided because when quite a few seeds you choose to include with the popular peppers.

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Here is what the true Breeders and Developers of the Gypsy Horse has said!...
The Romanians: Gypsy Gold does not clink and glitter. It gleams and neighs in the dark.

The Gypsy Horse speaks for its self and once you see one! You must own one, or two or more!

Carousel Gardens Proudly Introduces
Carousel Gardens Livvie

Gypsy Vanner Mare Carousel Gardens LivvieGypsy Vanner Mare Carousel Gardens Livvie
Carousel Gardens Livvie
Born: Spring of 2004
Livvie is from SD farms sired by “Chief” and her dam being a mare called the “Oliver mare (sired by “Doug’s Oliver Horse). Livvie is a real treat, a tasty gem with a gorgeous build to her. She has quality from head to hoof, great legs and joints. She is an amazing sound Mare with lots of personality. Again we chose the Stallion “Pendragon” to sire Livvie’s foal this year. These two horses “Lillian” and “Pendragon” created an incredible feminine Gypsy Vanner filly. . And what a great choice it was! Proof of high quality breeding, little “Carousel Gardens Delicious” is one of the most beautiful foals I have ever seen.

Head Shot

Gypsy Vanner Mare Carousel Gardens Livvie Headshot
Favorite head shot of our mare.

The Handsome Stud "PENDRAGON"

Pendragon Gypsy Vanner Stud Horse, sire of foals at Carousel Gardens
Pendragon is the sire of our beautiful Gypsy Vanner foals.

Carousel Gardens Delicious
Click the photo to see a slide show of this beautiful girl!
Carousel Gardens The Fiddler Solo
Click the photo to see a slide show of this handsome boy!

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